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18 Jan

J.G Hertzler

Written by J.G Hertzler

Woke up this AM hearing that Dennis McDonnough and Valerie Jarett, top White House Advisors, are the ones being “thrown under the bus” regarding the President’s no-show in Paris. Massive incompetence rearing its ugly head in Obama’s regime. Yesterday I was researching the Grand Hotels of the world and read the story regarding Obama’s recent trip in 2010 to India to discuss trade and business policy with Indian business leaders. Apparently he stayed at the TAJ MAHAL PALACE HOTEL and his party rented not only a room, or a floor, or series of floors…his party rented and cleared the entire hotel of about 600 rooms for several days. There is so much incomprehensible stupidity here I hardly know where to begin. SNOPES website denies that 200 Million dollars/day, as Republicans

Dennis McDonnough and Valerie Jarett

Dennis McDonnough and Valerie Jarett

claimed, was spent on this ten day trip…you do the math….but they could not attach the real cost. Bottom line, this “business” trip to Mumbai must have cost 10s, if not 100’s of millions of dollars, for the sake of setting up new trade agreements focused on increasing business and profits for the 1%ers and more jobs in India. But notwithstanding that, there had to have been a secure facility at a nearby US Base or Government facility that would not have involved buying the entire TAJ MAHAL PALACE HOTEL. for the week. Taj_Mahal_Palace_Hotel

What the hell is this White House thinking! I may be even more outraged than Republican Obama haters…because I voted for him twice and have sent him campaign money in amounts that neither I, nor, I suspect, thousands of other hopeful Americans of similarly slight means, could afford. And HERE IS THE KICKER…..He is returning to INDIA for five days next week! Another MULTI MILLION DOLLAR junket. Has the WHITE HOUSE NEVER HEARD of SKYPE…or the GO TO MEETING app?!?!? But seriously….you are not a 19th Century Emperor or the Maha Raja of America, Mr. Obama. Somebody in the White House better get a clue very very soon or your legacy will be nothing but incomprehensible stupidity and the demise of the Democratic Party. “Angry” doesn’t even begin to describe what I feel. I would not have thought it possible, Mr. President. jgh